Your Infinite Heart

Where do I turn?
There are no gurus worth following.
There are no religions that will give me what you seek.
Channeling will fill my head with meaningless mumbles.
Causes are another persons dream.
Where do I turn?
Wise words are useless unless they come from my own heart.
Drugs and alcohol will enslave me.
Philosophies are other people’s fantasies.
Where do I turn?
My emotions blind me.
My intellect enslaves my.
Where do I turn?
My government tells me lies.
Society misleads me with empty entertainment.
Where do I turn?
To the heart.
Turn to your infinite heart.
It is your personal, private and intimate truth.


Your Heart Intelligence

Like your head, your heart has an intelligence. However, your heart intelligence does not rely on life experiences and instinctive knowledge from the body. Your heart intelligence comes from that part of you that touches the infinite everything… that intangible something from within your heart, that something that you are aware of but can’t quite define.

Colin Perini defines this mysterious heart intelligence through his art. His paintings of peace and beauty, are portraits of the infinite heart. Each person has a unique infinite heart, an individual character stamp that they place upon the world.

Open Your Heart

Your heart is a doorway to the infinite. Open it and learn to live through it, then watch the world change around you as it’s wholeness reveals itself through the many practical details of daily life.

Your Infinite Heart

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